The Byzantine Premium

On the contradiction at the heart of Bitcoin advocacy

A pumpkin pie with a slice missing. The pie has been overlaid with a pie-chart, in which the pieces are labelled with an icon of a confused businessman, a dollar sign, a circle with the word “NEW!” in the middle, and a “lotto” logo. The tin beneath the missing slice reveals a section of a glittering Bitcoin.
Jakub-gdPL and Famartin/CC BA-SA 4.0; Delwar Hossain, BD/CC BY 4.0; Jernej Furman/CC BY 2.0 — (modified)

When you write critically about blockchain, Bitcoin, speculation, NFTs and DeFi, you get an earful back. Advocates for these things are…well, aggressive is a polite term for how many believers respond to critiques of their financial/philosophical/political/technological project.

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