Pluralistic: 11 Mar 2022

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Pluralistic: 07 Jun 2021

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I quit

Peak indifference, big tobacco, disinformation and death

A vintage Chesterfield cigarettes ad, featuring Ronald Reagan, identified as star of “Voice of the Turtle” and thus likely from 1947

I smoked from the age of 13 to the age of 33. I loved smoking. I loved having something to do with my hands. I loved making friends by cadging — or sharing — cigarettes. I loved learning Zippo tricks, finding beautiful old cigarette cases at flea markets, learning to roll a cigarette, then learning how to do it one-handed. I loved the excuse to take breaks from my work.

But I hated smoking. I knew it would kill me. I watched it kill people I loved. They died hard. Gradually, the quixotic pride I felt in the lengths we smokers went to in order to engage in our increasingly disfavored habit turned to horror.

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