United We Stand

Creation is collective — and so is bargaining.

A giant figure posed against a blue, cloudy sky. On his shoulder perches a tiny Taylor Swift, mid-gesture. She is being menaced by a capitalist ogre in tuxedo and top-hat, chomping a cigar and yanking a lever in the shape of a golden dollar sign. In one white-gloved hand, he holds aloft a gramophone, pointing it at Swift. He stands at a podium emblazoned with the Big Machine Records logo.
Biswarup Ganguly/CC BY 3.0, E Palen/CC BY 2.0, ViewIndiaThroughMyVisionalView/CC BY 4.0; modified

For the second half of the 20th century, artists of all stripes were fed a Big Lie: namely, that when we created, we did so all on our lonesome. Our creative works were solely and wholly ours, sprung from our imagination, like Athena springing from the head of Zeus.

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Pluralistic: 31 Jan 2021

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