Pluralistic: 10 May 2020

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Pluralistic: 09 May 2020

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Pluralistic: 08 May 2020

exposure notification,contact tracing,apis,epidemiology,shoe leather,late-stage capitalism,stimulus,snitchlines,shared microbial destiny,class war,guillotine watch,aoc,animal crossing,haunted mansion,disney,disneyland,themepunks

US public health officials on apps: "Meh"; Volcano gods demand workers; Animal Crossing Haunted Mansion

Pluralistic: 08 May 2020 volcano-gods


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Pluralistic: 07 May 2020

The TSA is hoarding N95s; Look at this banana gondola.; America is united; $3 router rebooter; EFF's Guide to Digital Rights During the Pandemic; Wink will brick your smart home if you don't pay a monthly fee; Helicopter flyover of deserted Disneyland; EU: "Cookie walls violate the GDPR"; Unix and Adversarial Interoperability; Sidewalk Labs pulls out of Toronto; Wechat spies on non-Chinese users for in-China censorship; Hidden doors disguised as bookcases; Vent dragons

Pluralistic: 07 May 2020 just-look-at-it


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Pluralistic: 06 May 2020

illustration,art,brazil,old school,hg wells,science fiction,Henrique Alvim Corrêa,k street,ppp,corporate dems,human centipede,dinos,weaponized shelter,banking collapse,pensions,uk,economics,business,bailouts,scarfolk,satire,uk,ukpoli,juking stats,outsider art,painting,food,not food,art,Itsuo Kobayashi,carceral state,prisons,law,miami,florida,puzzles,crowdfunders,cards against humanity,gift guide,magic

Alvim Corrêa's War of the Worlds illustrations; America's corporate lobbyists want a bailout; Sacrifice banks to save businesses; Scarfolk death statistics; Chef paints portrait of every meal he eats; Appeals court says Miami jail doesn't need to provide soap; Ohio's got snitchline for bosses whose workers who won't go back; Magic Puzzles

Pluralistic: 06 May 2020 moloch-demands-death


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Pluralistic: 05 May 2020

someone comes to town,magic realism,dumpster diving,science fiction,spoken word,writing,audio,mp3s,comics,remix,fair use,trumpism,red skull,negativland,mashups,videos,leaks,fema,cdc,trump,mike pence,laurie garrett,unemployment,line go up,papercraft,star wars,may the fourth,fanac,art,gender,feminism,socialism,teen vogue,

Podcast: Part 2 of "Someone Comes to Town"; President Supervillain; What "writing rules" actually mean; Negativland's "This is Not Normal"; Leaked Trump doc projects 3000 US deaths/day; Pandemic profiteering could create social chaos; Papercraft re-creations of classic Kenner Star Wars toys; A federal jobs guarantee; Teen Vogue on socialist feminism

Pluralistic: 05 May 2020 the-hard-stuff


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Pluralistic: 04 May 2020

Lovecraft Country; $150,000 "Magic" grants; Pandemic could make Big Tech our permanent overlords; Hospital CEOs making millions amid cuts; Wired workers have unionized; The failure of software licensing; XML inventor quits Amazon over whistleblower firings

Pluralistic: 04 May 2020 which-side-are-you-on


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Pluralistic: 03 May 2020

cyberpunk,scholarship,science fiction,bruce sterling,henry jenkins,climate crisis,pandemic,co2,state capacity libertarianism,motivated reasoning,charles koch,marshmallow test,games,paleocomputing,prince of persia,monopolism,second chances,old school,books,reviews,

Cyberpunk conference call for papers; Lockdown CO2 and structural roots of the climate emergency; The Making of Prince of Persia

Pluralistic: 03 May 2020 give-me-slack


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Pluralistic: 02 May 2020

epidemiology,prisons,class war,guillotine watch,meat packing plants, monopolies,nursing homes,superclusters,exposure notification,contact tracing,human rights,privacy,security,red teaming,ksr,livenation,mister bone saw,ksr,mbs,ticketmaster,monopolism,science fiction,climate,climate emergency,

My talk at Republica online; Prisons, meatpacking plants, nursing homes; How "contact tracing" apps could be worse than useless; Ticketmaster gets $500m from Mohammad bin Salman; Kim Stanley Robinson on "our rewritten imagination"

Pluralistic: 02 May 2020 rewriting-our-imaginations


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Pluralistic: 01 May 2020

frontier,fiber,dsl,network discrimination,business,leaks,broadband,plutewatch,guillotine watch,financial literacy,strikes,labor,mayday,amazon,sec,investor class solidarity,billionaires,give2sf,san francisco,big ag,food supply,supply chains,monopolism,resiliency,polls,contact tracing,flu klux klan,exposure notification,privacy,save dotorg,isoc,ethos,private equity,icann,internet governance,dotorg,pir,

.ORG has been snatched from the grasp of rapacious private equity billionaires; Frontier deliberately denied fiber to millions; Amazon and Trump officials neutered worker protection initiative; "Financial literacy" will not make poor people better off; San Francisco's legion of billionaires won't shell out of the city's covid fund; How Big Ag destroyed our food supply's resilience; Americans overwhelmingly support pandemic containment measures

Pluralistic: 01 May 2020 icann-can-and-did


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