Como Is Infosec

Content moderation is a security problem.

Cryteria, CC BY 3.0 (modified)/Crosa, CC BY 2.0 (modified)

in·fo·sec (/ˈinfōˌsek/): information security

co·mo (/koh-moh/): content moderation

Content moderation is really, really hard.

Content moderators:

  • seek to set conversational norms, steering transgressors toward resources that help them better understand the local conversational rules;
  • respond to complaints from users about uncivil, illegal, deceptive or threatening posts;
  • flag or delete material that crosses some boundary (for example, deleting posts that dox other users, or flagging posts with content warning for adult material or other topics);
  • elevate or feature material that is exemplary of community values;
  • adjudicate disputes about impersonation, harassment and other misconduct.

This is by no means a complete list!

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Pluralistic: 30 Aug 2021

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