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What to the Slave Is the 4th of July (permalink)

I'm not American. For the first half of my life, my touchstone for Jul 4 was the Schoolhouse Rock "Fireworks" segment that leaked over the border from Buffalo through Fox 29's UHF signal.

When it came to how Americans had observed Jul 4 through history, my impressions came from whitewashed pop culture like Disney's Carousel of Progress:

All that changed when I discovered Frederick Douglass's 1852 "What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?" – such a stirring piece of rhetoric that it practically leaps off the page.

Today's Public Domain Review embeds the Internet Archive's gorgeous scan of the original 1852 pamphlet that was sold through Frederick Douglass' Paper (AKA The North Star) and to the attendees in Rochester's Corinthian Hall on that fateful night.

Beyond that, the Review provides some much-needed context for the 19th Century Black experience of Jul 4, and the rival holiday, Jul 5, which commemorated the full abolishment of slavery in New York in 1827.

The speech's original title highlights the two holidays' divergence: "What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?" Jul 4 celebrations – and other public observances – were often accompanied by drunken white mobs attacking Black people and Black-owned businesses.

Black Americans celebrated Jul 5 with parades in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and elsewhere.

Douglass refused to give his speech on the 4th and instead gave it on the 5th, to a full house of 600 mostly white abolitionists, who bought 700+ copies of the pamphlet afterward.

Douglass labored over the speech for weeks and afterward wrote to an abolitionist to say that he thought it had gone over well. You can read the plain text of the speech here:

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