How the Tim Powers method for secret histories keeps my creative juices flowing.

Lake Mead is the massive reservoir that was created when the Hoover Dam stopped up the Colorado river, creating a reliable supply of water for Las Vegas casinos .

It’s drying up.

As the western superdrought starves the region of water, Lake Mead’s water level is falling to historically low levels, exposing the various things that people had consigned to its (seemingly) eternal depths.

Things like corpses.

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Pluralistic: 29 Jul 2022

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Pluralistic: 28 Jul 2022

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Pluralistic: 27 Jul 2022

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Pluralistic: 26 Jul 2022

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Pluralistic: Why none of my books are available on Audible; Sarah Gailey's "Just Like Home" (25 Jul 2022)

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Dare to Know

What if knowing the exact date of your death was a luxury good?

James Kennedy’s debut novel Order of the Odd-Fish ran like a very successful of dares between the author and himself — Kennedy just kept ratcheting up the weirdness in the book, piling up the comic and surreal, to the point where the book should, by all rights, have collapsed beneath its own silliness. But it didn’t!

Instead, Kennedy produced a tale of magic. As I wrote in my review, “This is what Harry Potter would be if its magic world was truly wondrous and magnificent, as opposed to plain reality with broomsticks and funny robes.”

Here’s how I ended that review: “An epic novel of exotic pie, Götterdämmerung, mutants, evil, crime, and musical theater, Odd-Fish is a truly odd fish, as mannered and crazy as an eel in a tuxedo dropped down your trousers during a performance of The Ring Cycle.”

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So You’ve Decided to Unfollow Me

We’re good, seriously.

A double exit-door, open to reveal a Matrix-style code waterfall. Over the door is a green exit sign with a green halo.
Sascha Kohlmann/CC BY SA 2.0 (modified)

It’s hard to overstate how liberating the early years of internet publishing were. After a century of publishing driven by the needs of an audience, we could finally switch to a model driven by the interests of writers.

That meant that instead of trying to figure out what some “demographic” wanted to read about, we wrote what we wanted to read, and then waited for people who share our interests to show up and read and comment and write their own blogs and newsletters and whatnot.

When the first ad networks came along, they leaned into this model: “Here is a writer whose audience has this approximate composition and interests; if that’s a group you’re trying to reach, then here’s a rate card to show those people ads.”

Back in those days, it seemed that ad targeting would enable more niches, more “long tail” publications tailoring to the esoteric, gnarly interests of writers and readers.

But that was wrong. As behavioral ad targeting took off, and with it, social networks and recommendation algorithms, the money shifted to follow readers around on the internet. Some readers were worth more than others. Showing an ad for a contingency liability lawyer to someone with a mesothelioma diagnosis was worth a bundle, for example, but you didn’t have to write about asbestos or lung cancer to score ad revenue from that user.
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Let’s Make Amazon Into a Dumb Pipe

A modified Amazon product listing page; the buy with Amazon button and Prime logo have been replaced with a “Buy from DIY Center” button a “Buy local” logo with an upside-down Amazon smile logo, and the “In Stock” wordmark has been replaced with “In stock at a local merchant: DIY Center”

Downtrodden peasant: We should improve society somewhat.

Mr Gotcha: Yet you participate in society, curious! I am very intelligent. -Matt Bors, The Nib

I like supporting local retail for shopping whenever possible. But I will not shame people for buying from Amazon the magic markers they use to write “Break up Bezos’ power” on a big poster they parade outside their state attorney general’s office. -Zephyr Teachout, Break ’Em Up

Here’s a dirty secret of the antitrust movement: Amazon is very convenient!

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Pluralistic: 08 Jul 2022

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