Pluralistic: Matt Ruff's "Destroyer of Worlds" (21 Feb 2023)

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Pluralistic: 25 Jul 2022

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Pluralistic: 12 Oct 2021

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Pluralistic: 23 Sep 2021

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Pluralistic: 17 Aug 2021

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Pluralistic: 13 Jun 2021

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Pluralistic: 15 Oct 2020

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Pluralistic: 30 May 2020

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Pluralistic: 04 May 2020

Lovecraft Country; $150,000 "Magic" grants; Pandemic could make Big Tech our permanent overlords; Hospital CEOs making millions amid cuts; Wired workers have unionized; The failure of software licensing; XML inventor quits Amazon over whistleblower firings

Pluralistic: 04 May 2020 which-side-are-you-on


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Pluralistic: 09 Apr 2020

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  1. Neighbors treated to socially isolated buildingside screening: Scott Duggan treated his terrace to "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."
  2. Philips quadruples ventilator costs: They reneged on their HHS deal and will get $646.7m for their trouble.
  3. Kansas GOP nukes ban on large Easter gatherings: What's wrong with Kansas?
  4. Kickpunch's Disney comics/horror movie mashups: Daniel Björk's terrifying poster children for fair use.
  5. Plastic-eating enzyme: Leaf-branch compost cutinase to the rescue.
  6. Cold brew coffee chemistry: Making the black stuff reproducible.
  7. Tails adds Secureboot support: Evil chambermaids, beware!
  8. Crisis makes heroes of IT workers: When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth.
  9. Automating fake PDF signatures: Make it look like you printed, signed and scanned.
  10. Pocket Art Director: Your high-handed boss in D20 form.
  11. This day in history: 2019
  12. Colophon: Recent publications, upcoming appearances, current writing projects, current reading

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