Pluralistic: 24 Oct 2022 An hour of interwar Halloween music

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The cover art from Halloween Between the Wars 1927-1938 featuring Bela Lugosi as Dracula.

An hour of interwar Halloween music (permalink)

Through his delightful Centuries of Sound project, JM Errington is producing an hour-long mix of music for every year since 1853 – the dawn of music recording itself. Interspersed with these "annual" mixes are some thematic ones. His latest, "Halloween Between the Wars," is an hour of spooky interwar music and radio/film horror excerpts:

The track-list for this is full of hot jazz, broad comedy, and spooktacular greats that are a refreshing break from "The Monster Mash": think Raymond Scott, the Washboard Rhythm Kings, Skip James, and Artie Shaw.

If you're hungry for more, check out last year's Halloween mix: "Hallowe’en Dance: Original Recordings 1902-1926," featuring 1920 spoken word from Aleister Crowley, the Edison Concert Band playing the "Skeleton Dance," Billy Murray's "I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark," and a 1910 brown wax home recording of comic ghost stories:

As great as the thematic programs are, you really need to check out the annual ones. Errington just published a very special 1943 installment, special because in '43, there was no US recorded music, thanks to a bitter strike over stolen royalties by the American Federation of Musicians.

For the '43 edition, then, Errington turned to "the small quantity of records being made in the USA, a host of South and Central American music, radio broadcasts, speeches, film dialogue and other assorted audio artefacts."

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This day in history (permalink)

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