Pluralistic: 08 Nov 2020

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Villainry revealed by Monty Python Latin (permalink)

Adani is an Australian mining company that is so corrupt and brutal that it's a wonder that it's not a Canadian mining company.

Its signature initiative is a massive coalmine on stolen Aboriginal land in Queensland.

The mine, and its associated railroad and port, are a toxic mix of long-term (CO2) and immediate (reef-killing dredging) environmental consequences. It's so bad that Australia's major insurers will not write a policy for the project:

The company's response to its critics has been predictably brutal as well, from hiring private investigators to follow activists' children around:

to seeking the power to execute no-knock search-warrants on activists' homes:

All of this evil fuckery has given Adani a bad rep, so it did the natural thing: hired a branding agency to come up with a new name for the company.

That name is "Bravus." Apparently, they thought this was Latin for "brave." It's actually Latin for "crooked," "deformed" or "assassin."

(The word they were looking for is "fortis")

While it's obvious that the company came up with the name through "Monty Python Latin" ("Biggus Dickus"), they claim it's a mashup of "Brave" and "Us," with the "Us" signifying the company's inclusivity and its loyalty to aUStralia.

Yeah, right.

This day in history (permalink)

#10yrsago Staircase storage: vertical shelving unit is its own stepladder

#5yrsago It was once socially acceptable and surprisingly affordable to send children by parcel post

Colophon (permalink)

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