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Nalo Hopkinson, Science Fiction Grand Master (permalink)

Every year, the Science Fiction Writers of America declares a new "Grand Master," an honor named for the organization's founder, Damon Knight. The 37th Grand Master has been announced and I was delighted and excited to learn that it is the amazing Nalo Hopkinson.

I've known Nalo for most of my life. When I was a teenager in Toronto, we worked on different floors of the North York Central Library. We attended the Clarion Workshop in successive years (under the tutelage of Damon Knight)!

I drove her and her partner – David Findlay, who went to high-school with me! – to Clarion for its 30th anniversary, and she was immensely patient with my neurotic, frightened driving. Today, we both live in (greater) Los Angeles.




Not only has Nalo written an absolute string of brilliant books with not a dud in the batch, from her 1998 debut Brown Girl in the Ring to her latest, 2013's Sister Mine. Her literary accomplishments are nothing less than towering.

But – as SFWA president Mary Robinette Kowal points out – Nalo's prodigious accomplishments as a writer are rivalled by her accomplishments as a teacher and mentor of writers.

That's especially fitting given that the award's namesake, Damon Knight, had a similar double life as a writer and a shaper of writers. Nalo has trained a generation of writers, just as Damon did.

Not just Damon, either. Science fiction is a craft, and it abounds with generous mentors who pay it forward, not least Judith Merril, our fellow Torontonian, the doyenne of Canadian sf, who created so many enduring institutions to nurture new writers.

Judy even had a hand in the founding of Bakka Books, the science fiction bookstore that Nalo and I both worked at (Judy convinced Charlie McKee to open the store in 1972 – it's still going).

Nalo comes from a family of celebrated artists – playwrights, poets – and so her life weaves in multiple traditions of art, mentorship, authorship. I couldn't be happier for my old friend. What a fantastic choice for SFWA's 37th Grand Master.

This day in history (permalink)

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