Pluralistic: 13 Dec 2020

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Share Festival 2020 (permalink)

The Share Festival is an annual highlight of the electronic arts and tech policy scene that flits between Turiin and Belgrade, full of awesome, weird and startling art and theory.

This year's festival is (of course) all online, and it kicked off yesterday with a streamed concert from experimental music acts Pietra Tonale, Comet, Audiohacklab and Noise Delivery. It will end with Artmaker V, the latest iteration of a longrunning generative art project.

On the side-stages there's stuff like Fablabkids, a partnership with Maker Faire Torino for kids 5-14. More English-language info on Bruce Sterling's Tumblr:

Well-Armed Peasants (permalink)

Bardcore is medievalist hiphop music, scored with traditional(ish) instruments. The delightfully named Beedle the Bardcore (AKA Elise Roth) has a Youtube channel that's a treasure-trove of medieval hip-hop covers.

Roth's just released the video for WELL-ARMED PEASANTS, a tribute to Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B's WAP, and it's just fantastic.

Well-Armed Peasants is music to sharpen your pichfork by, and features historically accurate disses of the Magna Carta as a vastly overrated historical irrelevance:

Art thou overtaxing well-armed peasants?
Bring a pitchforik and a torch cause we're well-armed peasants

Enough's enough we've captured thy bride,
Time to abide as we plot thy regicide

We'll tie you up, and I advise,
Shut thy mouth thou art despised,
We're gonna hang, draw and quarter you,
From thy codpiece up to thine eyes

Hide thy crown and thy coat,
For we're well-armed peasants,
Dare thy knights for half a groat,
Because we're well-armed peasants.

This pairs very well with Penelope Scott's Silicon Valley disillusionment song RĂ„T:

This day in history (permalink)

#15yrsago Michigan HS students will need to take online course to graduate

#15yrsago Diane Duane wonders if she should self-publish trilogy conclusion

#10yrsago Dan Gillmor’s Mediactive: masterclass in 21st century journalism demands a net-native news-media

#10yrsago Hiaasen’s STAR ISLAND: blisteringly funny tale of sleazy popstars and paparazzi

#5yrsago North Carolina town rejects solar because it’ll suck up sunlight and kill the plants

#5yrsago MRA Dilbert: pictures and words by Scott Adams, together at last

#5yrsago American rents reach record levels of unaffordability

#1yrago Nulledcast: a podcast where hackers play live audio of themselves breaking into Ring cameras and tormenting their owners

#1yrago Abbott Labs kills free tool that lets you own the blood-sugar data from your glucose monitor, saying it violates copyright law

Colophon (permalink)

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