Pluralistic: An end-of-year retrospective (24 Dec 2022)

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  • An end-of-year retrospective: 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022.
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An end-of-year retrospective (permalink)

Every day, I revisit all the posts I've ever made, over more than 20 years of blogging; I review posts from one year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years ago, revisiting my priors and regrounding myself in the arc of stories I've followed for decades. I call it "The Memex Method":

As I'm about to leave on vacation for two weeks, I won't be blogging until after Jan 7. Normally, I'd just skip over those days for my "This Day in History" posts, but I made the mistake of looking ahead at those holiday-season posts from years gone by and I realized I wanted to handle them, copy-pasting their URLs and publishing them, just to reinfuse them into the supersaturated solution of half-remembered facts that my mind periodically crystallizes into stories, novels, speeches, essays, and nonfiction books.

So I've produced a mega-retrospective, consisting of all the links for #20yrsago, #15yrsago, #10yrsago, #5yrsago, and #1yrago, for every day between now and January 7. See you in 2023!

#20yrsago The music industry STILL owes you $20!,1412,57111,00.html

#20yrsago New metaverse game launches

#20yrsago Jon Johansen acquitted!

#20yrsago Paleospam: the first-ever spam and the reaction

#20yrsago William Gibson has a blog

#20yrsago JWZ’s mom discovers interface cruft$374

#20yrsago Samuel Pepys' diary in blog form

#20yrsago Microsoft subverts sunshine laws at state colleges

#15yrsago From Nazi collaborator to Fortune 500 – companies that got rich on the Reich

#15yrsago History of guerrilla knitting at 24th Chaos Communication Congress

#15yrsago Motley Fool: litigation isn’t a business model, sell RIAA short

#15yrsago Sears infects customer computers with spyware

#15yrsago New IO9 blog launches

#15yrsago Resigning from Napster takes more than 30 minutes

#15yrsago Neil Gaiman on Little Brother

#15yrsago One-armed man arrested in Belarus for clapping

#15yrsago My free reading of Alice in Wonderland

#15yrsago Cockney illustrated Bible from the 14th century

#10yrsago Hacker theatre troupe in Berlin to stage “When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth”

#10yrsago Dad hires in-game hitsquad to kill his son’s characters

#10yrsago Telcos lobby North Carolina to make community Internet illegal, then abandon the state to second-worst Internet in the country

#10yrsago You need a 1.5 ton gamelan, and I know where you can get it

#10yrsago Anatomy of a patent troll who wants $1000 from every scanner user in America: patents are totally, utterly broken

#10yrsago XKCD on New Year’s resolutions

#10yrsago Congress decides every aspect of your electronic life can be spied on without a warrant and you can’t know how much spying is going on

#10yrsago Soviet space-program Christmas cards

#10yrsago Lord Buckley recounts the life of Christ: The Nazz!

#10yrsago Gary Gygax explains why Christians shouldn’t celebrate Christmas

#5yrsago Jeff Sessions encourages courts to continue practice of fining poor people for being too poor to pay their fines

#5yrsago Senator Bob Corker owed $120.5M when he was elected; now he’s worth $69M

#5yrsago American inequality is unequally distributed, and got lumpier after the Great Recession

#5yrsago Virginia is the most unequal state in the union, and is more unequal than at any time in (post-Reconstruction) history

#5yrsago 2018: the year that America’s ISPs hiked their prices

#5yrsago Woman who accused Roy Moore is homeless after her house burned down, fire investigated as arson

#5yrsago Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to squirt coffee up your asshole using this $135 glass jar

#5yrsago Nebraska State Senator proposes constitutional amendment to allow corporations to create tiny, sovereign nations with no laws, taxes or rules

#5yrsago The story of how sf writer and editor Judith Merril founded Toronto’s astounding sf reference library and changed the city

#5yrsago Astounding coincidence: Intel’s CEO liquidated all the stock he was legally permitted to sell after learning of catastrophic processor flaws

#5yrsago Virtually every modern computer is vulnerable to a pair of devastating attacks, and there’s only a fix for one of them, and it sucks

#5yrsago For 20+ years, Japan’s largest companies have been riddled with corruption and fraud

#5yrsago Print of “lost” britcom discovered in Nigerian basement and restored with X-rays and laser-cutters

#5yrsago The guy whose DRM for juice company cratered last year now sells “raw water” packed with all the microbes and amoebas you can stomach

#5yrsago All that stuff that was “killed by the net”? The real culprit was hedge funds

#5yrsago Tehran’s police tell women that violations of religious dress codes will henceforth be treated as civil offenses, not criminal offenses

#5yrsago China’s new army of nationalist trolls is an all-volunteer force

#5yrsago The GOP tax plan will pay millionaires to subsidize failing religious schools

#5yrsago Hoaxer with a history of fake bomb threats SWATs and murders a random bystander over a $1.50 Call of Duty bet

#5yrsago Charlie Stross’s CCC talk: the future of psychotic AIs can be read in today’s sociopathic corporations

#5yrsago California’s record poverty and real-estate bubble are creating a “wheel-estate” boom of people with good jobs living in their cars

#5yrsago Does capitalism breed greed, or elevate the greedy?

#5yrsago The GOP tax plan means millions in extra profits for private prison corporations

#5yrsago Scotland is still a financial secrecy exporter, laundering billions for Russia’s crime-bosses and oligarchs

#5yrsago Peter Thiel: the “libertarian” who loves mass government surveillance, monopolies, and censorship

#5yrsago After 8 years of archiving, the Library of Congress will stop ingesting the Twitter firehose

#5yrsago Facsimile editions of the “Negro Motorist Green Books” from 1940, 1954 and 1963 are selling briskly in 2017

#5yrsago Utah’s paper of record calls for Orrin Hatch to step down: “his utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power”

#5yrsago Ayn Rand supercharged the anti-Communist witch-hunt in Hollywood, in which the FBI classified “It’s a Wonderful Life” as secret Communist propaganda

#5yrsago Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband is pissed that his $50m house was barricaded by a bomb squad, called in to investigate a gift-wrapped box of horseshit that someone sent to Steve Mnuchin

#1yrago 2021 Daddy-Daughter podcast

#1yrago Neal Stephenson's 'Termination Shock'

#1yrago Science fiction is a Luddite literature

#1yrago Hospital beds are a monopoly

#1yrago Jackpot watch: How the klept operates in the UK

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