Pluralistic: 07 May 2020

The TSA is hoarding N95s; Look at this banana gondola.; America is united; $3 router rebooter; EFF's Guide to Digital Rights During the Pandemic; Wink will brick your smart home if you don't pay a monthly fee; Helicopter flyover of deserted Disneyland; EU: "Cookie walls violate the GDPR"; Unix and Adversarial Interoperability; Sidewalk Labs pulls out of Toronto; Wechat spies on non-Chinese users for in-China censorship; Hidden doors disguised as bookcases; Vent dragons

Pluralistic: 07 May 2020 just-look-at-it


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Pluralistic: 06 May 2020

illustration,art,brazil,old school,hg wells,science fiction,Henrique Alvim Corrêa,k street,ppp,corporate dems,human centipede,dinos,weaponized shelter,banking collapse,pensions,uk,economics,business,bailouts,scarfolk,satire,uk,ukpoli,juking stats,outsider art,painting,food,not food,art,Itsuo Kobayashi,carceral state,prisons,law,miami,florida,puzzles,crowdfunders,cards against humanity,gift guide,magic

Alvim Corrêa's War of the Worlds illustrations; America's corporate lobbyists want a bailout; Sacrifice banks to save businesses; Scarfolk death statistics; Chef paints portrait of every meal he eats; Appeals court says Miami jail doesn't need to provide soap; Ohio's got snitchline for bosses whose workers who won't go back; Magic Puzzles

Pluralistic: 06 May 2020 moloch-demands-death


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Pluralistic: 05 May 2020

someone comes to town,magic realism,dumpster diving,science fiction,spoken word,writing,audio,mp3s,comics,remix,fair use,trumpism,red skull,negativland,mashups,videos,leaks,fema,cdc,trump,mike pence,laurie garrett,unemployment,line go up,papercraft,star wars,may the fourth,fanac,art,gender,feminism,socialism,teen vogue,

Podcast: Part 2 of "Someone Comes to Town"; President Supervillain; What "writing rules" actually mean; Negativland's "This is Not Normal"; Leaked Trump doc projects 3000 US deaths/day; Pandemic profiteering could create social chaos; Papercraft re-creations of classic Kenner Star Wars toys; A federal jobs guarantee; Teen Vogue on socialist feminism

Pluralistic: 05 May 2020 the-hard-stuff


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Pluralistic: 04 May 2020

Lovecraft Country; $150,000 "Magic" grants; Pandemic could make Big Tech our permanent overlords; Hospital CEOs making millions amid cuts; Wired workers have unionized; The failure of software licensing; XML inventor quits Amazon over whistleblower firings

Pluralistic: 04 May 2020 which-side-are-you-on


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Pluralistic: 03 May 2020

cyberpunk,scholarship,science fiction,bruce sterling,henry jenkins,climate crisis,pandemic,co2,state capacity libertarianism,motivated reasoning,charles koch,marshmallow test,games,paleocomputing,prince of persia,monopolism,second chances,old school,books,reviews,

Cyberpunk conference call for papers; Lockdown CO2 and structural roots of the climate emergency; The Making of Prince of Persia

Pluralistic: 03 May 2020 give-me-slack


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Pluralistic: 02 May 2020

epidemiology,prisons,class war,guillotine watch,meat packing plants, monopolies,nursing homes,superclusters,exposure notification,contact tracing,human rights,privacy,security,red teaming,ksr,livenation,mister bone saw,ksr,mbs,ticketmaster,monopolism,science fiction,climate,climate emergency,

My talk at Republica online; Prisons, meatpacking plants, nursing homes; How "contact tracing" apps could be worse than useless; Ticketmaster gets $500m from Mohammad bin Salman; Kim Stanley Robinson on "our rewritten imagination"

Pluralistic: 02 May 2020 rewriting-our-imaginations


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Pluralistic: 01 May 2020

frontier,fiber,dsl,network discrimination,business,leaks,broadband,plutewatch,guillotine watch,financial literacy,strikes,labor,mayday,amazon,sec,investor class solidarity,billionaires,give2sf,san francisco,big ag,food supply,supply chains,monopolism,resiliency,polls,contact tracing,flu klux klan,exposure notification,privacy,save dotorg,isoc,ethos,private equity,icann,internet governance,dotorg,pir,

.ORG has been snatched from the grasp of rapacious private equity billionaires; Frontier deliberately denied fiber to millions; Amazon and Trump officials neutered worker protection initiative; "Financial literacy" will not make poor people better off; San Francisco's legion of billionaires won't shell out of the city's covid fund; How Big Ag destroyed our food supply's resilience; Americans overwhelmingly support pandemic containment measures

Pluralistic: 01 May 2020 icann-can-and-did


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Pluralistic: 30 Apr 2020

berlin,germany,war,old school,sovkitsch,art,illustration,Nikolai Kolchitski ,medicare for all,office of the attending physician,broadridge financial solutions,tmg mail solutions,corporate murder,junk mail,randstad,new york,long island,finance,day and date,monopolism,business,china,private equity,amc,windowed releases,leverage,disney,market concentration,universal,comcast,disney,haunted mansion,fanac,themepunks,youtube,videos,old school,marc laidlaw,cyberpunk,science fiction,fiction,ebooks,half-life

Berlin in color, after the Reich's fall; Nikolai Kolchitski; Medicare for All (Congressjerks); Swedish covid death rates soar above neighbors'; Financial services workers dying for junk mail; AMC: "We will never show another Universal movie"; Revived Haunted Mansion videos from early internet fandom; Marc Laidlaw reads his fiction; A Room of One’s Own

Pluralistic: 30 Apr 2020 day-and-date


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Pluralistic: 29 Apr 2020

canada reads,cbc,books,radicalized,science fiction,banjo,utah,nazis,kkk,nashville,damien patton,skinheads,white supremacists,white terrorists,loveint,stalking,nso group,uae,uk,copyfight,creative commons,museums,open access,british museum,creative archive,debt,kevin kelly,advice,wired,whole earth review,debt,medical debt,johns hopkins,guillotine watch, monopolism,borkism,food,supply chains,the curse of bigness

Cigna claims to be rolling in dough and on the verge of bankruptcy; Bayesian reasoning and covid-19; Talking Radicalized with the CBC; Founder of AI surveillance company was a Nazi who helped shoot up a synagogue; NSO Group employee used Pegasus cyberweapon to stalk a woman; British Library releases 1.9m images; Kevin Kelly's unsolicited advice; Medical debt collection during the pandemic; Legendary troubleshooting stories; How monopolism crashed the US food supply

Pluralistic: 29 Apr 2020 banjo-nazis


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Pluralistic: 28 Apr 2020

scholarship,1201,apollo,apollo 1201,war on general purpose computing,acm,chi,metaphor shear,fraud,glam,libraries,canada reads,science fiction,canlit,toronto,adversarial examples, textfooler,nlp,sentiment analysis,ml,machine learning,infosec,mayday,essential workers,labor,class war,library of congress,hiphop,music,sampling,public domain,attack surface,science fiction, force multiplier,gnd,the lost cause,nyc,new urbanism,pedestrianization,makers,3d printing,accessibility,vulture capitalism,foreclosure,san francisco,decameron project,jo walton,terry pratchett,tv,discworld

A new Marcus Yallow/Little Brother story!; DRM and CHI; Talking with Toronto Public Library's Shelve Under podcast; The law is free; "Absolutely faithful" Discworld TV adaptations; Read the prologue of "The Lost Cause"; Foreclosure vultures hold illegal auctions on courthouse steps; Hands-free door-handles; NYC will pedestrianize 40 miles of city streets; Citizen DJ; "Essential" workers will strike across America for May Day; Synonyms vs machine learning

Pluralistic: 28 Apr 2020 force-multiplier


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