Pluralistic: Twinkfrump Linkdump (13 Apr 2024)

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Pluralistic: 07 Mar 2022

A tachometer wheel showing the relative speeds of DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber, demonstrating the vast advantages of fiber.

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Pluralistic: 11 Jan 2021

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Pluralistic: 28 May 2020

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Pluralistic: 06 Apr 2020

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  1. The Jubilee: Fill Your Boots: My latest podcast, on a redefined form of abundance and luxury.
  2. Illinois reinstates physical restraints for special ed kids: Revenge of the "quiet room."
  3. Youtube vs 5G arsonists: There's plenty of things wrong with 5G, but coronavirus isn't one of them.
  4. Hamilton original cast reunites on Zoom: A ray of sunshine at a dark time.
  5. This day in history: 2015, 2019
  6. Colophon: Recent publications, upcoming appearances, current writing projects, current reading

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