Pluralistic: 02 Apr 2021

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Pluralistic: 15 Mar 2021

Today's links

  • Making Hay: My new "Lost Cause" story in MIT Tech Review's "Make Shift."
  • Free markets: My latest Locus column on rent-seeking and audiobooks.
  • STREAMLINER: Vantablack noir French hotrod comics for the win.
  • This day in history: 2001, 2006, 2016, 2020
  • Colophon: Recent publications, upcoming/recent appearances, current writing projects, current reading

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Pluralistic: 10 Nov 2020

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Pluralistic: 02 Oct 2020

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Pluralistic: 19 Sep 2020

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  • Attack Surface vs Audible: My Publishers Weekly op-ed.
  • Foodcrime: The tech predators destroying America's restaurants.
  • We Are Beautiful: 3D printable anatomical models of real bodies.
  • Precursor: Andrew "bunnie" Huang's new open source hardware mobile platform.
  • Colophon: Recent publications, upcoming appearances, current writing projects, current reading

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Pluralistic: 25 May 2020

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Pluralistic: 13 Mar 2020

Today's links

  1. Announcing the third Little Brother book, Attack Surface: And a new Little Brother/Homeland reissue, with an intro by Ed Snowden!
  2. Where I Write: A column for the CBC that's really about how I write.
  3. Stream 200+ global news channels: Each hand-picked, no registration required.
  4. AT&T's CEO fired 23,000 workers and gave himself a 10% raise: Life on the easiest setting.
  5. Chelsea Manning is free: But she's been fined $256K for refusing to testify to the Grand Jury.
  6. Rep Katie Porter forces CDC boss to commit to free testing: Literally the most effective questioner in Congress.
  7. Trump's unfitness in a plague: It's not because he's an ignoramus, it's because he's a nihilist.
  8. Malware that hides behind a realtime Covid-19 map: Peter Watts' prophecy comes true.
  9. Locked-down Siennese sing their city's hymn: A cause for hope in the dark.
  10. This day in history: 2015, 2019
  11. Colophon: Recent publications, current writing projects, upcoming appearances, current reading

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